VEGETARIANS – If the right sort of people “eat to live” in the highest, and the “live to eat” in the lowest row. They are the two poles of the material and the spiritual.

The living natural material can not understand the spiritual values, so they could not imagine life back there who despise the eating. From high to low, from spirit to matter, here I divided into 4 ranks are as follows.

1, simple vegetarian
2, Eat salty frugally
3, vegetarian trouble
4, traditionally required
Two steps on heavenly spirit “eat to live”; two steps below the natural material “live to eat”. Eat, stand in the top four, who will always reach the peak. Sure thing is those who live mentally always gentle serenity, just how many now only well enough to make delicious, what also good digestion. I imagine an evildoer, in the unconscious at would also be weighing guilt, that day would also paint, old Navy trench high pallet is full.. try asking him to get the appetite? He has tried to where your mouth will also lags indigestion. If the situation lasts, he will likely suffer stomach pain. “Crimes born of illness” in this case is the most specific. So the spirit ever is also the deciding factor!

Indeed, vegetarian mock duck that made fake, fake meat, stewed chicken torn milling. the testimony also hope to eat. Vegetarians that eat hope, psychological review, not the fresh seeds sown into the unconscious, land if there is another life form into form who nevertheless knew austerities ethics but still unpleasant recovery period. Don’t think even then never austerities ranks is also gentle. The career of the spirit that they bring from before, sometimes the whole is harsh, narrow-minded, intolerant and all took part in the yard si! Simple vegan ranks only truly new is the legs. This model has another life where to go, where, even as other religions still fasting.
People eat salty abstemious can not religion but they have degree was very high, natural living permanently on the ideals and serve. Eating for this rank is only secondary, what to eat, tasty bad doesn’t matter. They deserve after simple vegetarian. In the end only the traditionally picky class is there is much worth saying. This class that character is often very rare. The majority of mankind in this class, from which the new life everything what is not fun. People would like to “live to eat” without renouncing any tricks to time vulnerable. This is only a meager meal or a vegetarian breakfast is also tragically, do as they are to eat. From the old to the new monarchs really picky eaters, a meal usually has up to a few dozen and all Hai Hao paint. Chaplain himself the “son of heaven”, in the matter of eating they proved those who downgrade!

In brief who live to eat, but also how to heads up not with no life you ultimately to Italy. Eating is to feed, but if the food, eat more, eat the sweat the tears, the kind of life itself has become crippled.The priests and the monks that voracious, feeding picky still don’t what more secular, even the loser who eat salty Abstemious.
We all please keep happy carving of evening that “to eat is shabby pieces” for the “dirty dining” as shabby fold thousand ten thousand times. In life, to eat easy to lose as human dignity. Let’s Eat simple to have “top right back straight”, does not give her a makeup leaned any bare name Phu!Those with good nature should urgently be aware: voracious, feeding picky is nonetheless “blamed my father” of his status.

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