Vegetarians also need to know how

Children at that age are older and pregnant women should not eat vegan because will lack of nutrition for growth.
Vegetarian food is derived from a plant has many advantages. Protein in the grains, Potato tubers are usually easy to digest, easy to absorb and hypoallergenic. Vegetarian diets usually provide a moderate protein intake, helps reduce the risk of gout (M04), reduce emissions of calcium through the kidneys (avoid osteoporosis), reducing the risk of dementia when older.

Benefit and harm

Fat usually have more fatty acids not no and absolutely no cholesterol should be very beneficial to the heart and blood vessels. Vegetarian meals are more green leafy vegetables, fruits offer many vitamins, minerals and fiber, which helps regulate the activity of the digestive system, raising the beneficial microorganisms in the intestines, preventing constipation, reduce absorption of harmful fats, blood sugar rises more slowly after a meal, the prevention of cancer.

Vegetarians have nothing detrimental to health? There. Protein in plant food is often not enough essential amino acids required for the construction of the body structure, as in the subject which needs high structure nutrients such as pregnant women, children aged is growing, people with the disease hurt body structure should recover as anemia , Burns, inflammation of the liver, bone fractures.

Fat no cholesterol is another advantage that helps protect the cardiovascular system but here is the big disadvantage for the height growth and ossification in essence children because cholesterol is important nutrients to form vitamin D (vitamin D3, calcium and MK7 elements helps create bone) and join the process of many hormones , such as reproductive hormone helps older adults.

Besides, in the coconut has no fat, and the fat of the form “trans” margarine as in margarine, shortening (by processing that out) when the body back to the liver has the effect of stimulating endogenous cholesterol, increased adverse cardiovascular system.

In addition, vegetables also contain many substances hinders the absorption of other nutrients. For example eating Kohlrabi much too will reduce the absorption of iodine causes goiter menu. The habit of fasting with the sour salt or salty foods like watermelon, tomato salt knows chao, … may also increase the risk of chronic poisoning diseases such as hepatitis, cancer (gastric cancer is common), not to mention the risk of hypertension, renal failure due to the amount of salt is too high. So, the only true vegetarian become beneficial to health when removing the adverse factors.

Some note

To balance protein, should mix more beans to rice when cooking rice or porridge or eat rice with Sesame, peanuts. Also, drink a glass of extra cereal after the feast. Besides, the maximum limitation coconut, fried fried avoided the foods in oil as easy to create as “trans” fats are very harmful to health.

Limit the use of the fermented soy, such as melon, tomato, salt knows chao … and should not be used in patients who have blood pressure, heart, kidney, diabetes mellitus.

So the simple processing for the kind of vegetable soup, poached or sauteed tofu, vegetable stir-fry to preserve the vitamins easy to decompose as vitamin B2, B6, vitamin C, and does not arise harmful substances for health.

Micronutrient supplements in the form of supplements for the vegetarian market.

In the young and healthy, vegetarian only 1-2 days to change the taste or according to religious mores not seeking food in the meal. The vegetarian on 1 week or fasting to prevent and treat the disease, the new interest in balanced meals as noted above to ensure provides a diet consistent with the body.

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