Where To Dine As A Vegetarian In State College

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, and there’s no shortage of vegetarians and vegans at Penn State. Just a few years ago, we lamented about a lack of vegetarian options. But State College has come a long way since then.

Here are some of the options Happy Valley has to offer if you’re hoping to get your veggie fix:

India Pavilion

India Pavilion, located on Calder Way, has an entire vegetarian section on its menu with options ranging from lentils to cauliflower. A personal favorite of mine is the Kadi Pakora, or yogurt-covered vegetable fritters in a flour-herb sauce over rice. In addition to being delicious, the establishment is pretty reasonably-priced and close to campus.


If you’re in the mood to customize your meal, the HUB is the place to go. Between Mixed Greens and the HUB soup and salad bar, there are plenty of options to make your meal exactly what you want. You’ll never run out of ways to change up your selection, and it doesn’t hurt that you can use meal points here either.

Café Verve

Café Verve is an all-vegan restaurant downtown that offers options like hot soups, mushroom burgers, and smoothie bowls. A undeniable perk is that if you don’t feel like dining at the restaurant itself, it can deliver straight to your dorm or apartment through Grubhub.

Green Bowl

At Green Bowl, you can personalize an all-you-can-eat bowl with as many vegetables and sauces as your heart desires. I personally recommend the tofu/Szechuan sauce combination, but it’s hard to go wrong with the dozens of mix-ins available.


Even though it’s a gigantic chain, Chipotle actually does a pretty good job providing vegetarian options. The restaurant offers fajita vegetables to spice up your burrito bowl as well as sofritas, a tofu option.

Did we miss anywhere? Let us know in the comments how you dine vegetarian in State College! 

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