What can vegetarians eat at the Dixie Classic Fair?

There were a few new vegetarian offerings among all the meaty options at the Dixie Classic Fair this year.

The most intriguing new item was a Native American fry-bread taco from the Sliders booth near the entrance to the Annex building. It was topped with stir-fried vegetables, including squash and corn, as well as sour cream and salsa. It could have used a little more kick (and this coming from a confirmed spice wuss!), but there were packets of hot sauce available to remedy that.

Another new option was an arepa, a sandwich of mozzarella cheese between two sweet corn patties. This can be found in the row of booths nearest the Coliseum, near the N.C. Lottery booth.

L.I.F.E. Inc. was back among the brick civic booths with its vegetarian sides, proudly ad-vertised as made without meat products. What a treat to have vegetarian versions of the usual meat-containing standards like pinto beans and collards. You can get a plate of sides for $7.50.

The Oakridge Ostrich Farm food truck, near the corner closest to Joel Coliseum had an entire vegetarian section on their menu with a veggie burger, veggie wrap, veggie quesadilla and salad both. A small section, but very welcome to see it advertised.

If you like smoky flavors, the Honey Bees booth serves up smoked macaroni and cheese. And there’s the option of a vegetarian walking taco from a booth on the midway, near the Bingo booth.

I got a large pretzel at the Amish booth near Yesterday Village, and it was amazing — truly top-notch hot, buttery dough.

There were also the usual staples available in multiple places: pizza, roasted ears of corn, French fries, potato chips and other fried vegetables. Griff’s Onions offers fried green tomatoes, green beans, pickles and okra. Multiple civic booths had pimento cheese sand-wiches or grilled cheese for sale. One booth had a broccoli and cheese soup bread bowl, but unfortunately nobody working there knew whether it was vegetarian or used chicken stock.

For a sweet treat, vegans have the option of a pineapple whip cone, cup or float from a truck near the Annex entrance; it’s made with coconut milk and was quite a refreshing snack. At a table inside the Annex, the large, freshly-made brownie waffles, laden with your choice of toppings, are to-die-for.

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