Vegetarian Vision Takes a Leap Forward with International Health and Wellness Expo

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: (L to R) Front Row: Dr. Sudhir Parekh, Kenny Desai, H R Shah, Mahima Chaudhry (Bollywood star, special guest), H K Shah (Founder), Chandra Mehta (President), Flora Parekh (Vice President)
Back Row: Andrew Wicker (New Jersey Assemblyman), David Green (Vegan Association President), Suhag Mehta (Fashion Show Chair), K K Mehta (Convention Chair), Malti Shah (Co-Founder)

NEW YORK CITY, NY (TIP): Vegetarian Vision presented its first International Health and Wellness Exposition on September 9th and 10th at Penn Pavilion in New Yok City.  Drawing crowds of thousands from New York and visitors world wide, the two-day event celebrated plant based lifestyle, and health and wellness awareness.  Renowned speakers included dozens of internationally recognized physicians, scientists, authors, and wellness experts, who spoke about the many health and environment benefits of a plant based/vegetarian diet.  Exhibitors and booth demonstrators filled a 40,000 square foot arena at Penn Pavilion’s expo hall, entertaining guests with live food demonstrations, on site yoga exercises, holistic therapies and new age massage techniques, and the very latest in health and wellness products.

Speaker: Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Speaker: Dr. Brian Clement

Vegetarian Vision founder H.K. Shah, and his wife Malti Shah, expressed their joy at a ribbon cutting ceremony, which marked the inception of the event and the organization’s 25th jubilee anniversary.

President, Chandra Mehta, then opened the exposition with an auspicious lamp lighting ceremony, alongside featured guest and Bollywood actress, Mahima Choudhary.  Attendants also included, Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parekh, H. R. Shah, Patri Ji, meditation guru, Vandana Sharma, Air India Regional Director, David Green, president of Vegan Association, and Mr. K. K. Mehta, convention chair, Nitin Vyas convention coordinator, and all Vegetarian Vision executive committee members.

The exposition was a first for the Vegetarian Vision organization, bringing plant based lifestyle and wellness, to a global stage.  Null, host of award winning radio shows, and author of numerous NY Times best sellers, delivered a keynote lecture on reversing heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and mental decline through vegetarian and veganism.  Harvard trained cardiologist, Dr. Robert Ostfeld spoke further on the many benefits of plant based diet Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute lectured on advanced healthcare, preventing and reversing disease, premature again, and renewing happiness.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, The End of Diabetes and The End of Heart Disease, further demonstrated the healthiest ways to eat, and scientific principles of superior nutrition. Mark Becker, yoga specialist, who opened the first Non-Hindu yoga center in NYC, Serenity, over 40 years ago, focused on “ahimsa,” nonviolence, as a spiritual cornerstone of vegetarianism.  Pavilion hosts, booth exhibitors, and other speakers displayed unique healing techniques through crystal bowl sounds, infrared light saunas, hydrogen water, and ayurvedic remedies.   Famous vegan chefs, including, Mark Reinfeld, lit up the Expo with live cooking demonstrations featuring their celebrated recipes.  The food hall also showcased a variety of oriental teas, live juice and smoothie samples, and vegan meals by Chickpea.

Fashion Show Participants

Saturday culminated in a dazzling night, with Bollywood superstar Mahima Choudhary, who starred as chair and judge of the Mr. and Miss Vegetarian Beauty Pageant.  The event brimmed with a colorful spectacle of fashions, and was attended by an audience of hundreds.

Mr. and Ms. Vegetarian Pageant Winners: (L to R) Ms. Vegetarian, Mr. Vegetarian, Chandra Mehta, H K Shah, Mahima Chaudhry
Committee Appreciation: (L to R) Animesh Goenka, Suhag Mehta, Flora Parekh, Chandra Mehta, Mahima Chaudhry, H K Shah, K K Mehta, Malti Shah, Mrs. Becker, Vinod Shah, Mark Becker

The pageant was followed by a special gala event, hosted with honorable congressman Tom Suozzi and Vegetarian Vision Founder H. K. Shah.  The night featured a keynote speech by Vegetarian Vision president, Chandra Mehta.  Mrs. Mehta, expressed her delight with the exposition, and wished for a joyful and memorable experience for all guests.  She spoke of her hopes for continued education on the health and lifestyle benefits of plant based diets, and increased vegetarian and vegan options for students at schools, and universities, and guests at hotels by working with communities and businesses.  She suggested separate cutting utensils when preparing vegetarian meals, and different oils to fry vegetarian foods as a universally accepted standard at all restaurants.  The gala event continued with live music and dance and performances.

On Sunday, more guests from around the New York metropolitan area arrived at the Health and Wellness Exposition, attending the featured lectures, and visiting the pavilion hall’s booths and exhibitions.

Vegetarian Vision Committee Members

The Expo culminated in a grand finale Sunday night.  The finale centered around a live fashion show, beautifully organized by Suhag Mehta, president of Shreenath Enterprise Inc, MC’d by Flora Parekh, and was graced once again by the events favorite Bollywood star, life-long vegetarian Mahima Choudhary.

Vegetarian Vision’s International Health and Wellness Exposition proved to be a success of mega proportion.  Attended by thousands, and hosted by a star-studded list of pioneers and wellness experts, the Expo made for a special, and memorable experience.

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