Vegetarian In Forest Hills: Where To Eat Green Near You

FOREST HILLS, QUEENS — Vegetarian options can be hard to come by, but in Forest Hills, residents with leafier diets have a number of places to choose from along the Austin Street strip — the axis of the neighborhood’s local dining scene.

Here are a few spots catering to the vegetarians of Forest Hills:

Heartbeat Eatery

Address: 100-05 Metropolitan Ave.

Heart Beet Eatery is an organic, kosher, vegan restaurant whose mission, according to the Heart Beet website, is to serve those that have a love for vegan cuisine and are concerned about “the impact that the raising of animals for food is having on our environment and on our consciousness.”

Dishes include a selection of salads, soups, pastas, Philly cheese steak made with grilled seitan and a black bean burger, with a number of organic teas on the menu as well.

Red Pipe Cafe

Address: 71-60 Austin St.

Red Pipe is a purveyor of organic coffee and tea and vegetarian, gluten-free eats. The self-described art cafe serves soups, sandwiches, fruit juices and smoothies and calls itself a health-conscious cafe on the shop’s Facebook page.

Asian Bowl

Address: 10111 Queens Blvd.

Asian Bowl is not a vegetarian restaurant, per se, but the Asian fusion eatery has an entire menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes. Such dishes include Asian Bowl’s Thai red curry, sesame “chicken,” “beef” with broccoli, lo mein and others — all veggie-friendly.


Address: 71-49 Austin St.

The name seems contradictory, but Bareburger offers vegetarian food alongside its otherwise meat-heavy menu. There’s the quinoa-veggie burger, a black bean burger, a portobello mushroom sandwich served with Italian red pesto, a vegan wrap and a vegan carrot cake.

Thai Pot
Address: 103-07 Queens Blvd.

Thai Pot is serving up the tastiest Thai takeaway in all of Forest Hills, the restaurant’s website boasts. Yelp reviews laud the restaurant for its many vegetarian (and pescetarian) options, such as the tofu pad Thai. All dishes come with a vegetarian variant.

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Originally published August 10, 2017.

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