Shradh 2017 (Pitru Paksha): 7 Vegetarian Dishes You Can Eat During the 15-day Period

Every year Hindus across India observe 15-day Shradh or Pitru Paksha in order to pay respect and homage to the ancestors. Shradh 2017 started on 5th September, 2017 and is slated to end on 19th September, 2017. Pitru Paksha begins on the last full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Bhadrapad. It marks the liberation of our ancestors’ souls and helps them attain salvation. This period of 15 days are referred to as mourning period. Special Satvik Bhojan is prepared and offered to the priestly Brahmins; it is believed that whatever is given to them reaches our ancestors. In this entire Shradh period, Hindus avoid eating non-vegetarian food as it is considered inauspicious.

During this period, one must refrain from eating meat, smoking and drinking alcohol. It is generally advised to follow a simple diet and avoid preparing lavish feasts. Most of the people avoid onion and garlic in their food as they are considered ‘ashubh’, however, there are many who don’t follow this ritual any more.

We list down some simple satvik dishes that you can consume during the 15-day period of Pitru Paksha or Shradh 2017. Please note: these dishes can also be prepared without the use of onions and garlics-

1. Pudina Rice

Pudina rice is a peppery flavoured mint dish that is quick to make. The refreshing taste of the rice will not need any accompaniment unless you want to add some yogurt in it. This healthy and simple dish doesn’t necessarily require garlic or onion, so you can prepare it any time of the day during Shradh.

2. Dal Palak aka Shorba

Spinach is in season and Dal Palak Ka Shorba is just the right dish you would want. It is thinner in consistency, simple yet tasty. A warm and comforting dish with the goodness of lentils, spinach and mild spices, you can easily skip the ginger-garlic addition in the recipe.


Spinach is in season and Dal Palak Ka Shorba is just the right dish you would want​

3. Guar ki Phali

Cluster beans or guar are delicately cooked with spices and yogurt. Guar is available now and is easy to make. You wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time to prepare it. Combine moong dal or toor dal with it to make your meal wholesome.

4. Bajre ki Khichdi

A warm and comforting khichdi made with bajra and moong dal can be a wholesome lunch for you. This recipe does not need any garlic or onion and can be made quickly. A dollop of ghee on top will make it taste even better.


 A warm and comforting khichdi made with bajra and moong dal can be a wholesome lunch for you

5. Sharife ki Kheer

Adding to the usual rice kheer, you can add sharifa or custard apple to help break the monotony. The tasty fruit will also add to the flavour and texture of the kheer. Don’t forget to add some dry fruits for some crunch.

6. Kaddu ki Sabzi and Poori

In order to keep it simple for the 15 day period of Shradh or Pitru Paksha, the combination of kaddu ki sabzi (pumpkin) and poori is the best. A light and simple recipe where pumpkin pieces are cooked thoroughly in a variety of masalas, you wouldn’t have to necessarily cook it with onions and garlic.

kaddu ki sabzi

 In order to keep it simple Shradh, kaddu ki sabzi (pumpkin) and poori is the best

7. Palak Bhurji

Spinach is in season and with this, a light and fresh palak recipe with a mild seasoning and some crushed paneer makes it simply refreshing and healthy. Consume it with plain moong dal or toor dal along with roti or rice.

These simple dishes are not only seasonally delightful but will also keep the essence of Shradh or Pitru Paksha intact; that is to keep it satvik and vegetarian.

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