Sainsbury’s blames vegetarians for Britain’s food waste problem

“Fussy eaters” who follow vegetarian and free-from diets are driving a rise in food waste, Sainsbury’s has claimed.

According to the supermarket, over 3.5 million families in the UK are binning food as a result of catering for different tastes, diets and routines.

Home cooks preparing and cooking multiple meals every day to cater for different family members are wasting ingredients, it warned, contributing to the seven million tonnes of food that is wasted by British families every year.

On average, parents make two different dishes for one meal time every day to accommodate the varying needs of the family, and a fifth make as many as three, Sainsbury’s found.

But the Vegetarian Society described Sainsbury’s claim as “irrational”, pointing out that plant-based food production is far better for the environment than meat production.

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