Rise of the meat-free Christmas: M&S’s 2017 festive menu contains more vegetarian main courses than meat

By contrast Waitrose’s 2017 Christmas dinner range contains 11 main course options, just one of which is meat-free. 

Sainsbury’s eight-strong range of 2017 festive main courses contains just one vegetarian option, two fish and five meat dishes. 

Tesco is showcasing seven options including one vegetarian option which is a mushroom wellington. John Royale, chief livestock adviser at the National Farmers’ Union, described M&S’s meat-free Christmas menu as “a sign of the times”.

He said: “M&S have historically been big supporters of British meat but they are just being realistic about the fact that more of their customers want meat-free options.  

“The flexitarian diet is the biggest threat to British meat – more so that than vegetarian diet and this seems to be the way that society is going. If they are willing to swap traditional Christmas dinners for vegetarian options that is a big sign of change.”

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