Hull’s heaving vegetarian restaurant where three courses costs just £20

I’m not a pudding person, until I go to Hitchcock’s that is.

Nestled in Hull’s Old Town, this unassuming restaurant is often heaving with customers waiting to get their hands on homemade vegetarian and vegan fare.

Hitchcock’s works on a system unlike any other in Hull. The first person to book a table for their particular night will be tasked with choosing the theme of the cuisine for the rest of the diners.

Guests are then welcomed into the restaurant between 8pm and 9pm, with the food being brought out at once so everyone can eat together. Lovely.

The samosas were lovely and crunchy
The samosas were lovely and crunchy

The themes of the night include Russian, Thai, Japanese, British, Spanish, Mexican and Italian, and on our particular night some wonderful person had chosen the South Indian menu.

Starters are brought to your table, which on the Indian menu consists of vegetable samosas with homemade coconut chutney, which was creamy yet refreshing and had an amazing taste.

At 9pm, you can then make your way to the serving station and fill your plate with all the wonderful food on offer.

There was a well-stocked salad bar that included delicious homemade chilli sauces, then we went onto the rice – coconut or wholegrain. Then it was time to tackle the curries.

We piled our plates high with an array of vegetarian curries
We piled our plates high with an array of vegetarian curries

Using ingredients such as tofu, mushrooms, eggs and vegetables, there was an array of brightly coloured and aromatic curries, with my favourite being the lentil dhal.

There were roti breads, garlic naans and delicious roasted cauliflower pakoras that were packed with flavour.

The great thing about Hitchcock’s is you can peek into the kitchen while queuing for your food. You can see the chef cooking the curries from fresh and bringing them out whenever they are depleted.

You also have to walk past the incredible pudding station, which reminds you to save some space for later.

The pecan pie and lemon meringue pie
The pecan pie and lemon meringue pie

There is such a great atmosphere in the restaurant. It is as if everyone in there are friends and there are no hushed murmurings or people remaining quiet throughout their meal.

Waiting in a queue of strangers makes it easier to interact, and before long you’re discussing all the food on offer, and every table can be seen to be roaring with laughter and bringing together friends and families.

Then it was pudding time. With so many homemade vegan desserts on offer, I opted for a slice of pecan pie and one of lemon meringue pie.

Vegan mango ice cream and homemade carrot cake
Vegan mango ice cream and homemade carrot cake

Every dessert is delicious, though. From Turkish Delight cake to blueberry cheesecake and chocolate orange cake to bowls heaped with fruit, I was told in no uncertain terms that if the Hitchcock’s carrot cake were to be a human, I would be dumped without question.

The drinks at Hitchcock’s are cheap for a restaurant, and the best part is you can bring your own to keep costs down.

With three courses and bottle of wine we brought ourselves, our meal came to £41. We had more than our fill of great quality vegetarian food and the atmosphere was incredible.

The food from Hitchcock's is amazing
The food from Hitchcock’s is amazing

We did consider going to the marina for a drink afterwards, but with so much indulgence that thought quickly passed and we went home to put our dressing gowns on.

Where: 1 Bishop Lane, Hull HU1 1PA

Contact: 01482 320233

Accessibility: Up a flight of stairs

Rating: 5 out of 5

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