Hints From Heloise: Vegetarian vs. vegan

Dear Heloise: I’m curious about the difference between being vegetarian and being vegan. What can you tell me about these?

Holly C. in San Antonio

Holly C. in San Antonio: Great question! Vegetarians typically don’t eat meat, poultry or fish. What about dairy and eggs? Vegetarians can eat eggs and consume dairy; some don’t. Health issues and other factors can draw people into vegetarianism and veganism.

Being vegan is more about a person’s complete lifestyle. Vegans don’t eat anything having to do with animals — meat, dairy, fish, eggs and even honey. They typically eat vegetables and fruits, nuts, grains and seeds. Both groups may need to supplement their diets with vitamins.

Vegans don’t use household items or clothes made from animals, or items tested on animals. Vegans generally feel that animals aren’t here for us to use, so leather and fur products are out.

This is a short primer on both subjects — there is a lot to know about both veganism and vegetarianism. Readers, ask your doctor if your diet and/or lifestyle could benefit from becoming either, if you are interested!

Dear Heloise: I use a microfiber dishcloth instead of a sponge, and I put it in the laundry each day or so to ensure a fresh cloth all the time. I also put my sink drainer, the plastic bin I keep tools in and the brush I use to clean the disposal into the dishwasher. Such an easy way to keep things fresh!

Sue J., Huntington, Ind.

Dear Heloise: I use the plastic bags that the newspaper comes in as a sleeve for my skeins of yarn.

Any unused yarn can be stored neatly. The band stays with the yarn, so I’ll know the kind, ply and color.

Naomi W., Canoga Park, Calif.

Dear Heloise: I can barely reach my top cabinets, so I keep three each of plates, saucers, bowls and silverware in my dishwasher at all times.

My children and friends seem to come in pairs, so three of each thing is just enough for company, coffee and dessert.

Wanda M., Metairie, La.

Dear Heloise: I have a suggestion for everyone, especially seniors. With the wet and cold weather not too far in the future, it’s important that everyone wears shoes that do not slip on wet, slippery areas.

Shoes that have slip-resistant technology grip, even on ice, are available at discount retailers.

Sue Z., via email

Dear Heloise: I was leaving the grocery store laden with groceries, and a little boy came up to me at the automated door: “Let me get the door for you, ma’am,” he said.

Ha! The weight of my basket had already opened the door!

Judy K. in Alabama

Dear Heloise: After I apply my face powder with a brush, I use a dry brush to go over it one more time to remove any excess. This is important with HD cameras everywhere.

Donna W. in California

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