Here are 4 Signs Your vegetarian Diet is Not Working For You!

Are you on a vegetarian diet?? At times, in an effort to lose weight or to improve health people stop eating meat and adopt vegetarian diet. There are a lot of studies that suggest that plant-eaters are at lower risk when it comes to diseases like heart conditions, diabetes and even some cancers. But a vegetarian is not a fool-proof way of getting ion the right track, by starting to eat plant-based diet you might have made a tweak in your lifestyle, but that necessarily does not mean you are doing it right. Here are some signs that prove that your vegetarian diet is not working for you. (ALSO READ 7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep).

You are gaining weight

If you have taken up this diet to lose weight, but you seem to be gaining weight? Well going vegetarian can help you lose weight, but you can also gain weight if you overdo on unnecessary baked and packaged foods. Vegetarian foods are not healthy and low in calories especially if you are indulging in a lot of unhealthy foods like brownies, cookies and other packaged food. These kind of foods can cause the pounds to pile on. Also, keep a tab on portion size, if you want to lose weight

You feel bloated

Do you feel gassy and bloated post meal? Well, vegetarian options such as beans, raw fruits and vegetables, and whole grains are loaded with fiber. They make you feel full. But if you ramp up your intake quickly and do not consume adequate amount of water, you will be left feeling gassy and bloated. Make sure that you keep a balance of cooked and raw food. Also, drink lots of water to ease digestion. (ALSO READ Top 6 Weight Loss Mistakes You are Making at Your Workplace).

You are tired all the time

After starting the vegetarian diet, do you often feel tired? This is because your blood sugar drops faster and zaps your energy. This is because of the changes in your diet with less of protein and healthy fats. Try to include a portion of protein and healthy fat in every meal so that you do not feel tired. Consult a doctor if you think you are not meeting your nutritional needs.

You are hungry an hour or two after your meal

Do you feel hungry in an hour or so after your meal? This might be again because of less or no protein intake. When you consume protein, it takes a longer time to digest and keeps you feeling full and satisfied. Always try to squeeze in a serving of protein in every meal. This will help you to stay satisfied. The right proportion of fiber and protein will keep you feeling full. (ALSO READ Top 5 Tips to Follow While Dining Out When You are Trying to Lose Weight).

Following a vegetarian diet with planned and balanced meals that are nutrition rich is a great idea to kick-start your healthy lifestyle routine. But steer clear of refined grains, sweets, and sugary drinks.

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