Hawaiian Poke Recipe: Beet and Macadamia

Serves 4

Note: This poke was inspired by the dish at Mud Hen Water in Honolulu, a restaurant that has done a fantastic job melding modern influences with Hawaiian tradition. There, ruby red beets, slicked with sesame oil and studded with crunchy limu seaweed, give a pretty good imitation of ‘ahi. This variation ups the vinegar to cut the sweetness of the beets and, since limu might be hard to find outside of Hawaii, swaps it out with wakame seaweed, though the dish is still delicious without it. Beets have a habit of staining everything, so to make the finished dish prettier, I like to reserve the macadamia nuts and a portion of the scallions as garnish. And if you can’t get the color off your hands, try scrubbing with some kosher salt.


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