‘Biggest Loser’ Star: Death Made Me A Vegetarian

“Biggest Loser” host Bob Harper says he came back from the dead — and it’s turned him into a vegetarian!

“It’s been a rough few months,” Bob says, adding he believes “genetics had something to do” with his terrifying Feb. 12 collapse from a heart attack in a New York gym.

“It’s kind of f—king crazy, if you want to know the truth,” he laughed. “Two days after I woke up I said, ‘Wait a minute — I just f—ing died?’ ”

‘The Biggest Loser’ — Reality TV’s Sickest Scandal

The famous fitness trainer, who denies shocking claims he doled out drugs to contestants behind the scenes of the weight-loss show, says he’s “doing a lot more yoga.”

But that’s not the biggest change in the 52-year-old health buff’s life! “I gave up meat,” he said to The National ENQUIRER. “Now I want a burger.”

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