Being A Vegetarian Was Hard Work Until I Met HelloFresh

Hey vegetarians: Hands up if you’re sick of pasta? Yeah, me too. Many restaurant menus have one option for vegetarians, and it’s always pasta primavera or a grilled veggie wrap. I love going out to dinner with my friends, but sometimes I get so frustrated I skip it to make something at home instead. But then, thinking up something at home takes time and planning. I consider myself a good cook and love going to the farmers market and getting seasonal veggies, but lately I always resort to the same old dishes. That was, until a friend introduced me to
HelloFresh’s Vegetarian Meal Kits: pre-planned recipes delivered right to your door.

While I had heard about meal-kits before, I was intrigued by the fact that I could easily get vegetarian options – they always forget about us. I was excited to try this, but I was also skeptical about a few things. The portion sizes, the freshness of the veggies, and would I really like enjoy the meals they sent me to cook? Recently I was invited to a dinner party and my friend (who knew I was a vegetarian) was serving chicken — she thought it was fine if I ate salad for dinner. Or the time my dad made tacos and thought shredded lettuce and olives on a hard shell would work as veggie tacos? So my expectations were low. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the portions to be perfect (often even with leftovers) and the mostly organic veggies all top quality because they come direct from the farmers. Plus, I got to choose my own recipes so could always pick what I wanted.

The first HelloFresh meal I cooked was better than any vegetarian meal I’ve eaten out, even at restaurants known for their veggie options. It was ‘Chunky Funky Veggie Burgers, with Lime Crema, Tomato Salsa and Carrot Fries.’ I love veggie burgers made from scratch (not the patties that try to look like meat). Not only was it simple to whip up, but I couldn’t believe how much flavor I could actually get out of a veggie burger. Normally I only have the time, energy, and inspiration to make just a main dish and never a side dish, but because HelloFresh sends you the pre-portioned ingredients, you can create meals with multiple different elements, and all in just 30 minutes, too.

While I love my food preferences, I think my fellow vegetarians and I can agree on the fact that our lifestyle choices can make dinner a bit more difficult. Even though there are increased veggie options out there, they often come at a hefty price or often lack flavor. Eating out is frustrating and when I come home from work, I am just in no mood to scour the web for exciting recipes and then trek to the grocery store to shop. With
HelloFresh, I not only get everything I need delivered right to my door, but I get exciting recipes to try with step by step instructions too! I’ve even kept some of the recipe cards so I can make them again some time.

Go ahead and try it, whether you’re a vegetarian or just want to get more veggies into your life. I actually managed to convert a few of my carnivorous friends into veggie-lovers because of my amazing veggie burgers!

Update: The team at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get your first 3 meals free!

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