Being a vegetarian brings in a lot of benefits to the body

In the recent past, more people are turning vegetarians. The list of reasons is just growing. While some are opting for it just as a healthier means of living, some people are going for it to show their love for animals. Earlier, if you were a vegetarian you were singled out from the crowd, but now that’s not the case. There are many people who are turning vegetarian out of their own will and choice. Sujatha Stephen, chief dietician from Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet, shares some advantages of being a vegetarian.

The chief nutritionist says that being a vegetarian is the best, but one must also keep in mind to get all the required proteins and nutrients that are necessary for the body. “Vegetables and fruits give the body good strength and stamina,” she adds.


Sujatha says that vegetarian food gives the body the required anti-oxidants and helps in increasing the immunity. “It is these ingredients that reduce the risk of diseases affecting the body,” she adds. Sujatha also mentions that they also provide the body with micro-nutrients which are very much essential. “You can include all kinds of vegetables in your diet to get all the nutrients in a complete package,” she adds.

Protein intake

One major problem most vegetarians suffer from is deficiency of vitamin B12. So, all vegetarians should include more lentils in their meals. “Rajma, chole and other kinds of dals will give the body the right amount of protein,” shares Sujatha. She mentions that one must also have a good amount of milk products like paneer, besides soy-based products, in the meals.

Multiple benefits

There are many reasons behind people choosing vegetarianism. Being vegetarian will help in reducing weight. “It also protects the body from all kinds of viral infections which can affect the body due to non-vegetarain food,” she says. Sujatha mentions that vegetarian food is also good for the intestines, and helps in easy digestion.

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