Aldi shopper posts snap of his local supermarket’s ‘vegetarian’ section

How much garlic bread can one pack in a supermarket trolley? Picture: Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

AN ALDI customer has noticed something very bizarre about his local supermarket’s vegetarian section.

The freezer shelves seem to be devoid of much variety, as they’re packed solely with garlic products, The Sun reports.

Journalist Joe took Twitter to share a photo of the stock, commenting: “The ‘vegetarian’ section at my local aldi is literally just garlic bread and as a vegetarian i’m very happy and here for it” (sic).

Since he uploaded the amusing snap yesterday, it’s racked up more than 4,200 likes.

Dozens of people have also responded to the tweet.

Many have joked that it would be easy to give up meat if it meant eating the carby treat all day.

One Twitter remarked: “Always wondered what I’d eat if I was vegetarian, I could do this diet.”

Another added: “I could totally be a veggie if it meant living off garlic bread.”

Joe isn’t the only shopper to notice the abundance of garlicky products at the supermarket store.

One Twitter user posted a snap of THREE fridges packed full of flavoured bread.

Customers are completely spoiled for choice in this instance, as they can choose between pizzas, baguettes or traditional slices.

Aldi is responsible for a lot more than garlic bread mania.

The German chain lures people in with seasonal deals like these summer slip n’ slides, and offering a complete school uniform for a fiver.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

Dave Hughes was featured in a video published by the Alternative Meat Company, humorously defending vegans following the 2017 Australia Day Lamb ad. Hughes brought out his best meat-related puns in the spook “address to the nation” to question whether the Australia Day and the essence of being an Australian needed to be linked irrevocably to eating meat. “It doesn’t need to moo for you to be true blue,” said Hughes, who is a vegetarian. Credit: Facebook/The Alternative Meat Company

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