7 Signs Your Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Isn’t Working for You

Sure, the occasional tofu dog or vegan chicken sandwich is no big deal, but meat analogs tend to be highly processed, and are often loaded with salt, sugar, and artificial flavors and preservatives. If you enjoy them, you should have them as occasional treats—not everyday staples.

Instead, stick with whole sources of plant protein, like beans, lentils, and nuts. (Or, make your own veggie burgers from scratch. Here are five recipes that won’t fall apart on your grill.) As for soy? A few servings a week is fine, Savage says. But you should stick with minimally processed soy foods, like non-GMO tempeh, tofu, and edamame—not soy burgers or snack bars.

Looking for some healthy ways to get more energy into your diet? You might want to try some of these food swaps:

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